Soon will come the software defined transaction (SDT) age.

“It’s comforting to imagine that, in the end, the power of innovative technologies and business models will win out over status-quo thinking and entrenched interests, all for the public good.”

From a security and risk management point of view, a central or using the author’s words “the powers that have traditionally controlled those transactions” provides assurance on quality of service, security and privacy protections. However, with new technologies most of this assurance features could be delivered by software. 

Soon will come the software defined transaction (SDT) age.


April 27, 2014

3 thoughts on “Soon will come the software defined transaction (SDT) age.”

  1. Your idea is interesting, but need more details. Assurance and due diligence demand a high level of evaluative inquiry, and I am really interested to know your idea on how software handling this? The argument is that there are many algo trading, but guys in dealer rooms are not replaced. Comment?

    1. Hi Daniel, after audit or assessments most of the security control implementation are in software.That is we improve software to provide more assurance. I think this is the trend.

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