Public available of ISO/IEC 29100:2011 Privacy framework

Last May, in ISO SC27 meeting held at Sophia Antipolis. WG5 Identity Management and Privacy Technologies voted to make ISO 29100 Privacy framework a public document. After JTC 1 Plenary endorsement in November 2013 meeting, the standard is now available at (search for 29100). Another document are listed is  ISO 27000 Information security management systems — Overview and vocabulary.

For most people in the IT security industry, the relationship between owner, processor and user of PII is confusing. Table I in ISO 29100 provides a clear and user friendly way to understand their relationships.

Note from 2016 SC27WG5 meetings : A new edition on improving consistency and language is planned. New version shall be ready next year.

Privacy Protection Principles, compare ISO29100, with Singapore and Hong Kong legislations


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