A-Infosec, short for Asia Information Security, is a team blog founded by a group of part time bloggers from the Asian information security community.

Lead by Antony Ma (Hoplite Technology), A-Infosec is established as a platform for sharing of information, learning, observations, reflections, and insights on information security, in particular, relating to local/regional developments, and/or providing a local/regional perspective on emerging information security topics.

Through A-Infosec, our goal is to inspire more information security professionals and cybersecurity practitioners to also come forward and share their knowledge, understanding, and experience with the community. In this regard, A-Infosec is has also established itself as an alliance of the Regional Asia Information Security Exchange (RAISE) Forum.

Another important audience for A-Infosec is the end-user community, individuals who make use of the Internet. In this regard, A-Infosec aims to provide insights and simple guidance that could help Internet users in the secure use of the Internet.

We welcome feedback and comments, and any specific topic of interest from any reader of our blogs.

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