Privacy has bee…

Privacy has been described as an “adjustment process” in which humans continuously adjust the views of themselves that they present to others. Steering Committee on the Usability, Security, and Privacy of Computer Systems; National Research Council. Toward Better Usability, Security, and Privacy of Information Technology : Report of a Workshop.  

Mobile Payment in HK – Jetco & Tradelink

  Hong Kong going to have a new mobile payment venture, this time Jetco with Tradelink. Their platform is from a Israel company OTI which is endorsed by MasterCard.  I have been following Tradelink for a few years. They are transforming from an commerce platform to a security and payment company. Well done.貿易通-00536-hk-首推跨平台外置式流動電子錢包方案-將推廣至台灣澳門-081100918.html

deviation from the norm

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. –Frank Zappa As a risk management professional, assess risk from deviation and advice people is my daily job. However, deviation should be encouraged when it is not reckless and able to manage the outcome.