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There are secrets in our life and we trust the computer by using them as our password.

I really don’t like the opening story of this article but it is one of the most interesting story telling how software become part of our life and memory. Our love and hate with password will never end. Even in Sci-Fi world, Star Trek captain still needs a code to activate the auto-destruct system !

Read the stories about a mom discovered her son was gay when she researched on the password of the son’s password (“Lambda1969”) after he committed suicide, password may be serve as a will. Something the son believes that people will definitely found out after his death.

NYTimes : The Secret Life of Passwords

“Virtually all the people who revealed their passwords to me said they planned to stop using them. And yet they divulged them all the same.”

IBM to build Chinese cloud presence with help from Tencent

When cloud computing is now a mainstream product, does Tencent need IBM to build cloud ? My answer is NO since I saw the presentation on Openstack Summit in HK last year.


The great race by U.S. cloud companies to capture part of the huge Chinese market continued with Friday’s news that IBM is working with Tencent Cloud to provide cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service capabilities for business in China. IBM SoftLayer opened a data center in Hong Kong in June.

This news revolves around IBM using Tencent cloud to provide business services; it does not at least yet involve IBM’s SoftLayer cloud arm, a spokesman said.

[company]IBM[/company] and [company]Tencent[/company], the company behind the popular WeChat mobile messaging app, signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) to this effect. To participate in the Chinese market, U.S. companies have to partner with local vendors. Microsoft was the first provider down the chute. Azure went online in China in March via Microsoft’s collaboration with Via21net. [company]Amazon[/company] is working with China Net Center and SINNET to set up its new Beijing region slated to go live this year. (The AWS…

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